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“The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Teaching and Learning” session

“The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Teaching and Learning” session was one of the most interesting sessions I attended before. I liked many things; when one of the speakers said “learning is demanding, someone is doing something and often competes, it takes time and effort to learn”. This quote was like a boost that can push anyone towards his/ her dream. The primary purpose of the session is AI and its impact on teaching and learning. One of the discussion points was, does AI tools make students lazy from doing their work. In my opinion, it does somehow and it would decline the importance of education for many students. However, it will be more challenging for the teachers to make students collaborate with AI to get better outcomes. It differs in the way the assignments and the type of questions. Transparency is an important factor between students and teachers. Meanwhile, it is hard to build it especially since most students don’t trust their teachers, academic-wise. Teachers also should permit using AI because they will not limit their usage. AI is a very good and helpful tool. It is a time saver tool that we should exploit as much as we can to grow up.


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